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We deliver US capital-raising services for a broad range of clients, from large, publicly held, multinational corporations to privately held companies founded and run by entrepreneurs.


We undertake all capital market transactions from beginning to end, acting as external experts on the client’s behalf and liaising with auditors, legal counsel and investment banks. Throughout the process, we provide transaction analytics and provides strategic and tactical support until completion.

Equity and Bond Transactions in USA

Our team has a US Capital Market transaction flow exceeding $0.7 billion U.S. dollars. Our expertise covers the whole deal spectrum including:

  • Investment Thesis Development

  • Public Company Policies and Procedures

  • Understanding the IPO/bond issuance process

  • Bank Kickoff Meeting Presentation Development

  • Deal Roadshow Presentation

  • Initiating Analyst Meeting Preparation

  • Review, Edit IPO/Bond issuance Materials

  • Disclosure Documentation

  • Filing Document Review

Investor Relations

With more than 300 SEC filings, earnings call presentations and press releases, our INTERLAT Investor Relations (IIR) team of experts assists clients with strategic insights and guidance to achieve the best possible communication with equity investors, bondholders, debtholders, analysts and credit rating agencies.

Securities and Exchange Commission Reporting

  • Board Presentations

  • Preparation of Earnings Press Release

  • Drafting and filing of quarterly and annual reports under US GAAP (6-K, 20-F, 10-K, etc.)

  • Conference Call Presentation & Script

  • Q&A Brainstorm Sessions

Industry Conferences

  • Conference Calendar Development

  • Investor Day Planning, Management

  • Presentation & Script

  • Q&A


Peer Benchmarking

  • Financial Metrics

  • Operational Metrics


Investor Materials

  • Investor Fact Sheets

  • Investor Presentations

  • Non-deal Roadshow Development

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