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We evaluate and participate in investments, projects and companies, including Real Estate and many other financial alternatives.


We select investors and execute the purchase or sale of assets, projects and real estate properties, including its management until the consummation of the transaction.


We elaborate investment projects, determine the resources required, prepare cash flow projections, and provide management closing.

​INTERLAT Investments (II) provides the following services:

  • Capital budgeting

  • Modeling and projections

  • Lender approach strategy

  • Advisory on equity group formation/negotiation

  • Market screening

  • Assisting in company’s approach to lenders


Ongoing Investments

INTERLAT participates in Fideicomiso WorkCenter jointly with other investors for the construction of an office building of 17,000 sq-meters in Acceso Norte, Vicente López, next to NorCenter, Buenos Aires. The architecture is from Estudios Aisenson & Asociados, and by Lacroze-Miguens-Prati.

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