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We offer services to participate in export and import flows of our clients and joint venture partnerships, through representation and distribution agreements, as well as provision of logistic services. This division handles the effective negotiation and closing of deals.

  • Structured Trade Finance

  • Export & Import

  • Trade & Execution Services

INTERLAT founded, controlled and developed Renault Trucks Argentina S.A., the current exclusive distributor in the country of Renault Vehicules Industriels (R.V.I.), France, and Mack Trucks, Inc. U.S.A. Since its establishment in 1993, it imported 1,500 vehicles and sold them through its network of 5 agents, 8 commercialization points and 10 specialized workshops, located in the main regions of Argentina, employing approximately one hundred people. After having reached a market share of almost 4% and annual sales of more than $15 million U.S. dollars, INTERLAT sold its interest to R.V.I.

Structured Trade Finance

Raising credit to finance International Trade transactions and Investment Projects via trade loans, syndications, asset-based finance, trade credit insurance programs, and export revenues. Structuring, advisory and execution of counter trade, switch, compensation trade and buy back.


Export & Import

INTERLAT International Trade Division (ITD) exports and imports, establishing distribution agreements and helping to better negotiate prices and terms & conditions.

Trading & Execution

INTERLAT Treading & Execution Services (TES) coordinates the execution of exports and imports, including all logistic services for international trade, such as custom and freight brokerage, warehousing, packaging and insurance on behalf of its clients.

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