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We provide a wide array of financial services that lead to the fruition of specific deals. INTERLAT's executive team has a combined transaction flow that exceeds $1.0 billion U.S. dollars.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Valuations
  • Commercial Debt 
  • Operations
  • Financial Modeling
  • Derivatives

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

INTERLAT provides active advisory, as well as strategic and tactical transactional expertise, across a wide range of industries thanks to its extensive mergers and acquisitions experience resulting from dozens of deals. We strive to get our clients to capitalize on opportunities to unlock growth, synergies and transformation, for which providing accurate assessments and execution in strategies and solutions across the whole M&A process is key.


Services include assisting the buyer, seller or participant of the operation in all aspects involved (directly or in conjunction with specific consultants), which usually involve:

  • Valuation (offered as a standalone product or as a part of a transaction)

  • Strategic analysis of the sector

  • Drafting marketing documents (teasers, information memorandum, etc.)

  • Screening and selection of target (acquisition fit)

  • Contacting partners and selection of candidates

  • Transaction analytics (synergies)

  • Leading the negotiations (pricing)

  • Financial, tax and legal structuring of the transaction

  • Due diligence (offered separately)

  • Drafting of transaction documents (term-sheets, contracts, etc.)

  • Audits for the closing of the transaction


INTERLAT offers valuation services as a stand-alone product or within the context of a transaction. Our valuation services are often required to help determine:

  • Whether or not to buy or sell a specific company/business

  • The value of a company/business or asset within the context a legal dispute or family conflict

  • Relative values for transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs or partnerships

Our services entail:

  • Identifying key value drivers and risks

  • Investigating industry and market outlook in general and the company in particular

  • Preparing projections of results and expected cash flows

  • Comparing the current and expected performance with that of other companies in the industry

  • Determining the value through the method of discounted cash flow and use of multipliers usual industry/segment

  • Sensitivity analysis to changes in the relevant drivers

Commercial Debt

INTERLAT has established relationships with various financial and banking institutions and has issued/refinanced debt for over $200 million U.S. dollars. Our expertise covers:

  • Screening and selection of financial institution

  • Set up of Virtual Due Diligence and assistance with populating it

  • Negotiation of terms and condition

  • Issuance/drawdown of funds

  • Assistance with all matters of compliance (financial covenants and ratios) and reporting obligations post-drawdown



INTERLAT helps its clients analyze opportunities to enhance profitability and cost savings by assessing diverse operating and commercial initiatives, pursuing SGA and overhead alignment and working capital optimization. We also assist with cash-constrained clients by preparing short-term cash flow projections and analysis to keep healthy levels of cash balances.


Financial Modeling

INTERLAT provides spreadsheet-based modeling to help companies make decisions based on reliable, high quality information. Our modeling services include:

  • Operational Models: Mainly used as budgeting tools for status-quo specific business operations, being that its main outputs are management reports such as business projected performance and financial projections, including cash flow, capital expenditure programs and working capital management.

  • Investment Project Models: Used to quantify and evaluate business investment projects, analyze scenarios and impact of implementation of other strategic decisions.

  • M&A and Other Transaction Models: Developed to reflect the projected economics of a deal, the contractual terms, operational, accounting and tax assumptions, financing alternatives and investor returns.

  • Restructuring Models: Developed to reflect the implementation of financing restructuring, cash and debt service waterfalls optimization, and impact of new capital structures.



INTERLAT has significant expertise in the issuance and valuation of Interest Rate Swaps, Forward Freight Agreements, Zero Cost Collars and Currency Swaps.

Financial Restructuring

INTERLAT has participated in restructuring transactions for more than $0.5 billion U.S. dollars, providing the experience and knowledge clients and associated parties involved need throughout the process. We assist our clients with the diagnosis of the current situation, debt capacity analysis, financial modeling, determination of the target structure, working with legal counsel, preparing and implementing the financing plan, seeking buyers for assets, implementing the best tax strategy, preparing the terms of new loans, due diligence, and chapter 11.

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